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    Under 21 | Rental Fee

    Why should I choose the Under 21 – Rental Fee?

    Are you under 21 and looking for an affordable way to explore the city on a scooter? Look no further!

    Our new under 21 rental fee service allows you to rent one of our high-quality scooters without breaking the bank on a hefty deposit. With this service, you’ll be able to enjoy the freedom and convenience of riding a scooter without worrying about the financial burden of a large deposit. Our team is dedicated to providing safe and reliable transportation to all of our customers, and we believe that everyone should have access to affordable and convenient options for exploring the island.

    So why wait? Book your scooter today and don’t forget to add the “Under 21 – Rental Fee” to experience the island like never before!

    PRICE : 5,00€/Day 

    The minimum age limit is 18 years. Scooter rentals are not allowed to persons who have not ridden one before or have had no experience in using one. Also the driving licence with a stamp on one of the next categories: AM, A1 or A is mandatory and licences other than European must be international. The driver must have the ability and skills to drive a motorbike.