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    There is a common opinion that you can rent a scooter in Greece, even if you only have a car driving license (B Category). This is wrong though. According to the Greek law the following driving licenses are valid to drive :

    SCOOTER 50cc

    European Driving License : AM , A1 , A2 , Α
    International Driving License : A , A1

    SCOOTER 125cc

    European Driving License : A1 , A2 , Α

    International Driving License : A , A1

    NOTE : For the Greeks who hold a category B driving licence, if they have the following conditions they can rent a scooter.

    Scooter 50cc | (AM Category)

    • Ηolding category B for more than six (6) years.
    • The driver must be at least twenty-seven (27) years old.

    Scooter 125cc | (A1 Category)

    • Ηolding category B for more than six (6) years.
    • The driver must be at least twenty-seven (27) years old.
    • Indication of the national code number “121” on the driving licence.

    The rental prices for our scooters includes :

    • Third Party Insurance
    • Free Cancellation
    • Helmets (for the driver and the passenger)
    • Rear Topcase (Accessories Package)
    •  USB Charger (Accessories Package)
    • Phone mount (Accessories Package)
    • 24/07 Road Assistance
    • Unlimited Kilometers
    • 24% VAT.

    All our scooter can be delivered upon request. We deliver your scooter free of charge if your hotel/accommodation is located within about 12km away from our Office. Our Office located at Lefkimmi, near to Kavos (South Corfu). However, if you are interest to rent a scooter let us know by sending us an e-mail request with the location that you are interest for and the rental duration.

    For more information about the Drop Off/Pick Up Service click here.

    Yes, the rental prices decreasing using our coupon codes depending on the rental period/days.
    You can see the Coupon codes below :
    ▪ For 3 or more days reservation use the code 3+DAYS and get 10% discount.
    ▪ For 1 week reservation use the code 1WEEK and get 15% discount.

    The coupon codes, are only available during the low season (not June-July-August).
    However, if you are interest to rent a scooter for a longer period, let us know by sending us an e-mail request with the rental duration and the dates that you are interest for.

    All scooters and motorcycles are fully insured, the insurance covers damages against third parties, driver and passenger health assistance. That means that in an accident with another vehicle you do not have to pay for anything. If, however, during the accident you were under the influence of alcohol or any other type of drugs, then the insurance will not cover any damages and you will have to pay for all damages. Please note that Greek insurance does not cover any damages you make to the vehicle, you have to pay apart everything that is needed to be replaced. All the accessories (helmets, top case, phone holder, etc) are not covered with insurance as well and are paid apart in case of loss or damage.

    The normal insurance cover damages against third parties, driver and passenger health assistance.

    An additional insurance, is available to limit the amount to be paid in case of crash or theft. This extra insurance is on the name of the driver and is not valid if the driver doesn’t have prior experience of scooter/motorbike riding or if he/she let drive unauthorized persons. This extra insurance doesn’t cover any of the accessories.

    Check more about Scooter Rental Corfu Insurance Plus+ here.

    Yes, helmets for the driver and the passenger are included in the rental price.

    You can pay by credit cards, debit cards or cash at the spot that we drop off the scooter.

    A security deposit must be taken during Drop Off, and have to proceed by cash or card .This amount will be refunded at the Pick Up of the scooter.

    About our cancellation policy, in case you inform us 72h before the reservation that you will not pick up the vehicle, we will give you back the full amount, for 48h before you receive 50% , while for 24h you do not receive the deposit amount back.

    Even if you see most of the locals driving without a helmet on the Greek roads, you should not think that there is no helmet requirement in Greece. The fine for driving without helmet is 350€.

    To change your booking write us as soon as possible specifying your booking information indicated in the confirmation email, and we will do our best to sort it out.

    Yes, our scooters are modern and without gears. Obviously you need experience in riding motorcycles /scooters. We want to ensure only good experiences, so we strongly discourage renting a scooter without having sufficient practice.

    When you choose the Drop Off/Pick Up service we ask you to write in the notes of the order the size of the helmet you will need and the passenger if there is one. Below is a table showing the method of measurement and the resulting sizes.

    The two models have a lot in common, however the advanced ST is an evolution of the SR which is why there is this slight difference in price. Below are some of their main differences :

    If you have any doubts or questions, do not hesitate to contact us by phone at (+ 30) 698 232 3149 , via email at, or by the online WhatsApp chat in the site . If you want to speak directly with us, come directly into our office. We will be more than happy to fulfill your requests.